Posted in Business
by Karen O'Donovan
on Monday 15 June 2015

Hot off the press!

We were delighted to receive a signed copy of the new reference book entitled Law and Public Administration in Ireland following a visit to our offices by one of the authors.  The publication was co-written by Corkonian, Dr Darren O’Donovan, who is currently Assistant Professor of Public Law at Bond University in Queensland, and Dr Fiona Donson, lecturer in the School of Law at University College Cork. 

Law and Public Administration in Ireland provides an account of this complex area of law which is both accessible and contextual, making it an invaluable text for both the legal community and students.  The publication focuses heavily on judicial review, tracking the ever-evolving nature of administrative law within case law, rather than a simple overview of existing precedents.  In examining the key themes and concept of administrative law, and their application to real cases, this book clarifies and enlivens a crucial area of law.  

The publication incorporates landmark post Celtic Tiger era decisions concerning procedural fairness, and analyses the contested nature of the reasonableness ground in Irish law in the aftermath of Meadows v Minister for Justice.  It evaluates the borderline between an error of law and an error of fact, legitimate expectation and the obligation to take relevant matters into account, and looks at how international perspectives have impacted traditional concepts and approaches.

Having reviewed the book, we believe the authors of Law and Public Administration in Ireland have achieved their aim of dismissing the notion that administrative law is notoriously difficult to study and teach, defending administrative law as an exciting and dynamic subject which is central to meeting the future challenges facing Irish public governance.